Welcome Back – let’s push through the summer slump!

Welcome to the new-look Making Connections!

I’ve had a break from blogging for a few months as other things took priority, and to be entirely honest, as I struggled to maintain motivation towards my research for multiple reasons.

I had also fallen out of love with my blog. I wanted greater control over the appearance and more customisable features. So, during a short period of downtime, I have refurbished Making Connections with WordPress.
Hopefully you will find my previous posts more accessible. There are also added pages about me and my research interests, and a brief CV, so take a look and let me know what you think!

A casualty of the motivation crisis

This is a strategy that I used throughout my teenage years – any issues or worries and my bedroom would be entirely refashioned. Needless to say, my house and garden have also fallen victim to my research slump!

This approach doesn’t work anymore, it takes me away from my work and becomes the ultimate form of procrastination. I also have too many things that I can change or tear apart!


One of the factors responsible for my depleting motivation is the solitude of the summertime.

The hustle and bustle of term time keeps me going, with clear deadlines, and limited time to put towards ‘my own’ work. This makes me more productive in my research. I am aware of time constraints and I want to avoid working weekends as much as possible!

Pressure can aid productivity.

Summer is good for lots of things, but perhaps not PhD work!

However, summer has rolled around with its glorious sunshine and heat. The office is dead, campus is a ghost town, and the outside looks much more appealing than my desk. This is not conducive for successful working!

Over the next month, I am going to explore ways to keep myself motivated and to rediscover the enjoyment that I find in my work. As a common struggle of PhD students, I will pass on my thoughts next month.


In the meantime, suggestions of how to get started are more than welcome!

How do you recharge your motivation?

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