Welcome to my PhD journey!

Why are you here?

Not as much of a philosophical question as it sounds; however, I am expecting to be asked a variation of this question over and over again for the next few months as I embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Also known in academia as a PhD.

I have started this blog for numerous reasons, which I will bore you with at a later date, but the short of it is to promote my research and to support myself and others through the ups and downs of PhD study and the research process itself.

So, here is a short introduction about my research and blog:

What is ‘Making Connections’ all about?

The title Making Connections highlights the focus of my research and is actually the advertised title of my studentship. I will be working in the Chat-Lab (Children and Technology Lab) at the University of Sussex and will be investigating how multi-user technology can be used to support and encourage collaborative and social behaviours in young people with profound Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC).

I’ve borrowed the title of ‘Making Connections’ for my blog as I think that it also encompasses a number of other aspects of PhD study:

  • Connections between theories, other research findings, within your data and between other fields.
  • Connecting with other researchers and professionals in order to increase later opportunities and possibilities for collaboration.
  • Developing new connections by generating novel findings in your chosen field.

As my research develops, I will share some of my insights here and I will look in depth at influential findings and theories from Developmental Psychology, both old and new.

However, Making Connections won’t be purely stuffy, academic content. I will also write about the good, the bad and the ugly of PhD study.

I hope this will be beneficial to others in a similar situation, those thinking about doing a PhD or students at other stages of their careers.

Please bear with me while I navigate through a new territory of blogging and through the challenges of staying focused, motivated and on top of things! In here somewhere is a productive blogger, researcher and advocate for young people with ASC.

For more information about the Chat Lab please see the University of Sussex’s website.







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